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Career Center Committee

The Career Center Committee provides oversight and input regarding services offered to both business and job seeker customers and also reviews staffing and services offered through the local one-stop system.

Committee Members

Rachel Riley  - Chair
Citrus Memorial Health
Citrus County Private Sector
Appointed 7/15

Theresa Flick
Key Training Center
Citrus County CBO/Disabled (business)
Appointed 5/96

Darlene Goddard
Marion County Private Sector
Appointed 3/08

Judy Houlios
Ocala Housing Authority
Marion County Housing and Urban Development
Appointed 9/09

Jorge Martinez
Department of Children and Families
District 13
Appointed 6/14

Nelson Mathis
IBEW 1205
Appointed 8/12

Mark Paugh
College of Central Florida
Community College
Appointed 7/11

Carol Jones
School Board of Levy County
Levy County Education
Appointed 3/17

Debra Stanley
Citrus County School District
Citrus County Education
Appointed 3/17

Mark Vianello
Marion County Public Schools
Marion County Education
Appointed 3/17

David Benthusen

Citrus County School Board

Amy Meek
United Way of Citrus County

Eddie Sencer
Senior Workers-Experience Works

Peter Shepis
Vocational Rehabilitation

Gloria Bishop

Citrus County School District

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