Agendas and Minutes

All Board and Committee meetings are open to the public and conducted in accordance with the Florida Sunshine Law. 

Agendas and Minutes

Board of Directors

Board Members

Agenda 3/6/2017

Agenda 12/7/2016
Minutes 12/7/2016

Agenda 10/12/2016
Minutes 10/12/2016

Business and Economic Development Committee

Business and Ecomonic Development Committee Members

Agenda 2/14/2017

Agenda 10/18/2016
Minutes 10/18/2016

Executive Committee

Executive Committee Members

Agenda 11/30/2016
Minutes 11/30/2016

Agenda 10/05/2016
Minutes 10/05/2016

Marketing and Outreach Committee

Marketing and Outreach Committee Members

Agenda 2/16/2017

Agenda 10/27/2016
Minutes 10/27/2016

Career Center Committee

Career Center Committee Members

Agenda 2/13/2017

Agenda 10/24/2016
Minutes ​10/24/2016

Performance and Monitoring Committee

Performance and Monitoring Committee Members

Agenda 2/21/2017

Agenda 10/25/2016
Minutes 10/25/2016


Agenda 10/05/2016
Minutes 10/05/2016

CEO Contract Review Committee

Agenda 05/10/2016
Minutes 05/10/2016

Nominating Committee

Agenda 06/15/2016
Minutes 06/15/2016

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