Career Assessments

Prove to employers that you’ve got what it takes.

From the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) to the widely-relied on Prove It! that assures you and prospective employers that your skills are up-to-date, we offer a variety of fee-free interest assessments and skills tests that can help you identify the right occupation for you as well as demonstrate you have what it takes to excel.

Assessment List

Kenexa's Prove It

With more than 1,300 validated occupation and job-specific pre-employment tools available, Prove It! is one of the most versatile assessments available. Find out if your skills are up-to-date and complete assessments that demonstrate to employers you have the skills needed for the job. High scoring test results can be pasted on a resume and/or highlighted in a cover letter to attract attention to your strengths. You may even customize a set of assessments for the job you want. Microsoft Office tutorials and Practice Typing tests are also available.

(Test of Adult Basic Education)

The TABE assesses the basic education level of adults. This battery of tests covers reading, math computation, applied mathematics, language and spelling. It is often used by CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion to assess an individual’s education level in order to qualify for various training programs.

Interest Analyzer

The Interest Analyzer assessment is an integrated tool of the Employ Florida Marketplace. This assessment will help you identify occupations and industries that closely relate to activities, duties and work that you enjoy or show a high level of interest in conducting. You can complete the Interest Analyzer by completing a registration at A CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion representative can also assist you in completing and reviewing the assessment and understanding the results.

Work Values Indicator

The Work Values Indicator is also an integrated tool within the Employ Florida Marketplace. This assessment identifies traits or values of work that mean the most to you and provides you with specific occupations and industries where the work typically possesses those traits. The results of the Work Values Indicator combined with the results of the Interest Analyzer will help you narrow your search to work that you will find enjoyable and rewarding. You can complete this assessment at A CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion representative can help you complete and review the assessment and understand the results.


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