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CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion strives to be a competent and transparent source for the region’s workforce data, statistics, and monitoring. All graphs and numbers are updated monthly according to the American Community Surveys, Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages, and Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity. To explore further into the details of these reports, click on the orange buttons accordingly.


Workforce Statistics and Performance Monitoring

Labor Market Information for the Citrus, Levy and Marion County area includes job trends, unemployment rates, jobs by industry, wages, job posting trends and more.

CareerSource CLM’s workforce region is reviewed monthly, quarterly and yearly to meet or exceed state and federal government  standards. These monitoring goals include measuring employment for adults, dislocated workers, youth, and Wagner-Peyser candidates.

Labor Market Statistics      Performance

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To gather full reports on labor market statistics please click on the buttons below. A new window will open to our labor market dashboard or our performance monitoring dashboard. If you have any questions or are in need of assistance, call us: 800-434-5627.

Labor Market Information  Performance Monitoring


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