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CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion understands the challenges business leaders face every day. Our team of experienced Business Development professionals can provide workforce solutions and comprehensive services customized to meet your unique needs.

CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion is your Human Resources partner, helping you recruit, screen and hire the talent you need to succeed.

It starts with the job description, and our HR experts will work with you to get it just right. Then use the power of Employ Florida, the state’s premier job board, to post your positions online. Once we find qualified candidates, you can be confident in the selection process through complimentary candidate assessments, such as Florida Ready-to-Work and Prove It!, which test and score job candidate skills and work habits.

CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion can also offset costs of training new employees who may lack the skills or experience for the job, but who would otherwise be an ideal candidate, as well as help you enhance the skills of your current employees.

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New Program For Citrus County Businesses

To help businesses recruit and retain employees in the Citrus County area, CareerSource CLM is offering $1,000 sign-on bonus reimbursements for eligible businesses. If your business meets the requirements below, please let us know you are interested by completing this quick electronic form.


  • Limited to businesses with 75 or fewer employees
  • Eligible jobs for sign-on reimbursements must be less than $15 an hour

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