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Virtual Workshops
Learn the tips and tricks that will help get you hired during COVID-19

In-person workshops are not currently available due to health and safety concerns from COVID-19. However, our virtual workshop three-part series is free and currently on-demand to all job candidates. The series starts with Navigate Today’s Workplace,  continues with Job Specific Resume and ends with Interview Strategies. These video workshops include free downloadable content, which you can download by clicking on the orange button above or by scrolling down to the description box once you start watching the workshop videos.

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Stand alone workshops:

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Job Specific Resumes
Get Noticed!

Learn about the role of your “global” resume as you navigate today’s job opportunities. Don’t run the risk of being a “2nd tier” interview candidate because you failed to spend the time to showcase your skills and qualifications on a job specific basis. Even though businesses receive fewer applicants than a few years ago, hiring professionals still look for an ideal fit for their positions. This workshop informs you of need-to-know strategies for creating job specific resumes and provides you with the electronic resources to help you be successful in creating them and getting noticed.

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Navigate Today's Workplace
What you need to know to get your next job

Today’s world of work may look much the same on the outside but how things operate on the inside today can be very different. This workshop covers the essential changes to the workplace and the HR processes that shape marketing strategies for job candidates. This foundational workshop helps prepare you for a variety of supporting workshops that will enhance your skills for marketing yourself to your next job opportunity and what to expect in the future.

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Navigate Today's Workplace for Veterans
What you need to know to get your next job

This workshop is for Veterans only and follows the Navigate Today’s Workplace message points but adds unique strategies and resources to leverage a “Veterans Preference Eligible” status and address the unique challenges that former service members often face.

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Tips for Federal Jobs

Do you see yourself as a candidate for public sector jobs? If so, learn effective strategies for applying for state and federal positions. This workshop is focused on your registration and navigation in USA Jobs. Broaden your marketing tools and learn important differences for getting noticed for public sector versus private sector employment opportunities.

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Your Digital Footprint

Hiring professionals look at your resume and application for the skills and qualifications you bring to their position. However, they often check your social media footprint to see the other dimensions of your fit for their company culture. This workshop provides important tips on how to manage your social media presence and what to expect in the future. You’ll also learn how businesses are using social media to promote their company and job opportunities.

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Employ Florida
so much more than a job board

Learning to manage the frustrations of job search engines is critical to achieving a successful job campaign. This workshop provides an overview of Employ Florida, the go to website for businesses and job candidates in Florida. Having a complete registration and taking ownership of your job search will keep you focused on employment opportunities you can demonstrate a fit for. Jobs don’t always last as long as they use to and being aware of key features in Employ Florida and other search engines will ensure you are in tip top shape to market yourself now and in the future.

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Interview Strategies that Get You Remembered

Great news: your resume got you noticed! But are you ready for the interview? In today’s workplace, the competition gets keener at the interview level. In the past, your communication skills and personality was all it took to win them over. Today’s interviews require preparation! This workshop arms you with the information you need to stand out from the competition and be remembered. Learn strategies for responding to the “tell me about yourself” question; how to prepare for behavioral interview questions; and being ready with your questions at the end of the interview. You’ll also be able to put your knowledge to work in a real world interview with our team of coaches and recruiters who will be eyeing your fit for potential employers and job opening! Bring your best resume and come dressed to impress with your appropriate interview attire.

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Computer Essentials for Job Candidates

Computer proficiency is now a requirement to navigate in today’s workplace – from job applications to managing company benefits and reporting time and attendance! This workshop will provide you with an overview of essential tasks needed to be effective in your job campaign and future employment. Since being computer and internet capable is not a once and done process, you will be guided through an exploration of basic computer tasks and a variety of online resources that will support your continued learning. In addition, you will hear about the new CareerSource Citrus Levy Marion Online Learning Resources and Assessment Center at our 14th Street office location in Ocala.

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Beyond Barriers and Obstacles to Employment

Do you see yourself as a good fit for job openings but you have background issues, credit difficulties, workplace limitations, and/or extended time away from work that could trip you up along the way? While there is no magic bullet for overcoming work related issues, there are a number of strategies for capturing the attention of HR recruiters through online application processes and during the interview. This workshop will arm job candidates with an awareness of those tools and of the Federal Bonding program  – All to help you overcome barriers and obstacles to employment. Knowing what to say and not say can be part of “the difference that makes a difference” in the outcome of your job campaign.

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Online Resources for Veterans

Knowledge is power and this workshops focuses on in-person and online resources available to Veterans. Being successful in the world of work requires addressing personal needs as well.  Attendees learn there is a wealth of community and online resources available to address most needs and find it helpful to have the guidance to connect them to those services.

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